The Yeti Sweatshirt








Hi loves! it has been such and amazing week for me especially because of my first fashion show, thank you all for the support and love, it’s so much fun doing what I love. This look is more of an everyday kind of look, something you’ll find me probably wearing to work. This AMAZING furry (not real- dah!) sweatshirt is a great finding from a sale in Zara and it just makes every outfit to be unique. I love mixing weird and poppy item in my everyday looks and that has always been my style. You don’t have to have a furry sweatshirt like mine, you can definitely do this with other cool sweatshirt. What is special to me in this outfit is the mixing of some brownish pieces together and not making it look like an overdose of brown. Try to find monochrome items to mix together that would fit and not look like you’re the crazy cat woman and share them with me.

Thanks a lot to Maria Rudesky for helping me and taking my pictures.

Sweatshirt- Zara   Pants- Zara   Bag- Thailand   Flats- Marcha Ballerina









So this sunday I went to the Factory 54 fashion show, it was my first fashion show and I was so excited about it! Factory 54 is an Israeli brand that sales some of my favorite designers and brands. The spring-summer fashion show was absolutely amazing! it showed all the main trends for this spring. My favorite trend at the moment is pastels and you can see in the pictures how you can combine different pastel colors to create a trendy look. Another trend that ruled the runway was the black & white look, so easy to create  and looks amazing!!

What I chose to wear:

Top- Zara   Pants- Zara   Boots- Topshop   Bag- Topshop

Thanks to KlayerWear for letting me use her photos!



Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. The fanny pack, or like others might call it- the bum bag. I know you thought you’ve left that episode behind you many many years ago but it’s back. Out from the 90’s ashes straight to the runway and to the more affordable stores. I really love the transformation it got by many designers, the fanny pack doesn’t look anymore like something your aunty would wear, it’s a must item! full of sequins and rivets. This might be too much for you guyz but if you are not the type who afraids to try out new trends- this is the trend for you. I’ve picked out some of my favourite fanny packs that are definitely affordable (except from the Moschino, but it was just a piece of art that I had to let you see it), clockwise- Moschino, Topshop, Asos, River Island, River Island, Asos.

Have a great weekend! xx Sahar