Spring shoe EDIT- mules and sliders

Today we are talking all about spring shoes and I chose to show you two styles that I really love. All the shoes I picked here are taken from my favourite online shopping sites and are absolutely affordable. Click on the Pictures to shop my picks online or follow me on Instagram and register at Liketoknowit to shop my style straight to your inbox!

AsosJeffrey Campbell

TopshopJeffrey Campbell

The mule shoes are super trendy now and even though they go way back they are so cool and up to date. The mule shoe is a backless shoe that can be heeled, platform or flat. Find  a pair that has a wide part at front so it holds your feet real good. I myself found a pair in Forever 21 and saw some more beauties in Zara.

Asos                       Topshop Unique

BirkenstockJeffrey Campbell

River IslandAsos

The sliders are perfect for spring and for a hot summer, especially here in Israel. I personally hate flip-flops that are two straps that get between your toes, it’s messy, it’s uncomfortable and it doesn’t look good. The sliders are the perfect solution for those of you who feel the same way about flip-flops. They come in all sorts of designs, you can find them in leather or plastic, just choose whatever is more suitable for your feet and pocket.

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The real ME
Mixing Checks
Colorful Camouflage

The real ME






I think this is my favourite outfit I’ve created so far, this is the true Sahar, if I had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of my life- this one would be it. It might be just a temporary crush but this look is so simple, yet so sophisticated. The embellished skirt was a great finding on a huge sale but you can pull it off with any cool mini skirt, try looking around your favourite stores for the sale sections and try on things you wouldn’t normally pick. The shoes are perfect for any look, and the pointed toe is so in this season, you can get it almost anywhere. Combine the mini skirt with a simple t-shirt that fits the colors of the skirt, don’t try to go edgy with the colors, this is a more comfy look.

thank you all for showing me love xx Sahar

Shirt- Hoodies   Skirt- Zara   Shoes- Zara   Red bracelet- Cruciani   Jacket- Forever 21

Mixing Checks

photo 1



photo 3


photo 2

I’ve been thinking for sometime now about creating a look that will mix two kinds of check prints, the check print is timeless and the most trendy version of it is a checked boyfriend shirt that is tied on your waist. You can wear this look with any kind of checked item you like but two checked shirts is the easy way to go. For the shirt you tie on your waist you can even take your dad’s old shirt but for the shirt you wear try to find a shirt that fits you properly, this post is not about how to create a junky look my friends (; . Finish the look with a fun pair of sneakers, my favs are these wannabe Isabel Marant heeled sneakers, but your gym class sneaker will work too.

Red shirt- Forever 21   Blue shirt- Thailand   Jeans- Zara   Sneakers- Thailand   Sunglasses- Erroca