Vacation Essentials

Hi you guyz! tomorrow morning I’ll be heading off to Rhodes, Greece for a vacation with my family. I’m so excited because I haven’t been to Greece before and it seems to be one of the prettiest places on earth. I am really looking forward to spend time at the beach and just relax from everything so forgive me if I don’t post in the next few days but when I come back I’ll share everything with you. I wanted to do a little post before I go about what I pack in my suitcase, these are some of my favourite thing available online at the moment and they are all PERFECT for a summer vacation. see you soon!xx Sahar

Summer Solution – Part II










So like I said in my last post here is my second part of the Summer Solution posts. I was so hot the day we took these photos so my dear accessory for the shoots was really helpful! you might think that the heat is not a big deal and there is not need to carry around a hand fan in your bag, but you don’t know the Israel heat my friends. Actually today I was going around between meetings and thought to myself I wish I took that hand fan with me, anything tha can help you cool your body is your friend in the Israeli summer so why not do it with style?

Hand Fan- Fancy Hand Fans    Jumpsuit- Zara    Sandals- Forever 21

Summer Solution – Part I










Hi guyz! I’m really excited about this post because it’s about solving a problem that concerns us all and that is the heat of the Israeli summer. If you’ve never been to Israel you should know the summer here can sometimes get to 40+ degrees! making it impossible to hang out outside with friends and going from place to place. I tend to stay in places with air conditioning but I also like to sit in cafes outside with my friends. So I found a great solution which is also very fashionable and trendy, hand fans people, hand fans! and I’m not talking about the ugly ones the you got from your aunt and never used, I’m talking about cool printed hand fans. I got my hand fans from Fancy Hand Fans and I’m so happy I can support Israeli designers at the same time, stay tuned for my next fanish post.

Hand Fan- Fancy Hand Fans    Overall- Zara    Sneakers- H&M