July Ready To Shop Favourites

As you guyz know I have a page on the blog especially for shopping called obviously SHOP, but this time I want to show you some my favourite items of this month. I would do this every month and I can’t wait to hear what you think about my pick. PS everything is shopable, just click on the item. This summer the main trends are tropical and… *drums* PINEAPPLES, yes yes the fruit. These two trends are everywhere, from bags to shoes and you can find them on the runway and even in H&M, Zara and such. Mixing these two trends can also be awesome by the way!

The Cat Dress












Hi loves! I really couldn’t wait to write this post, I feel so excited about some things that are coming up and I really think you are going to love them. As you can see it is full-time summer here in Tel Aviv and my posts are showing it! taking the pictures out in the sun can sometimes be hard but my boyfriend helps to make it easier and a lot more fun. On my everyday life I try to dress as light with fabric as I can to make this heat bearable but I always take a jacket with me because it is Antarctica cold inside the office. This denim vest is just perfect for this cause and I want to fill it with cool vintage brooches. But really guyz the big star in this post is the cat dress! I found it in the kids’ section in H&M and prayed to god it fits me. Paying a visit every once in a while to the kids section in your favourite shop is always a good idea, most stores make the largest girls’ size fit 34-36 europe size and sometimes even 38.

Dress- H&M    Vest- H&M    Shoes- Forever 21    Sunglasses- Thailand

Tweety Shirt












The past couple of days haven’t been easy here in little Israel so I’m sorry for not posting in the past week. I actually did this post a week ago but unfortunately couldn’t find the time to post it. This outfit makes me really happy and the shirt in particular! the combo of leather shorts with a crop top is probably my favourite look for this summer so you might see me wearing these shorts a lot. The Tweety shirt was a great finding, I love prints and I especially love cute and childish prints like this Tweety print. This shirt looks super childish but with the right pants or skirt it can be a great outfit also for a night event, take for example the latest Moschino collections by Jeremy Scott, he uses Sponge Bob, McDonald’s and cereal brands all over the clothes but it totally works. Below you can find links to buying my outfit online and other fun crop tops. Wishing us all better and quieter days.

Top- H&M    Shorts- H&M    Shoes- H&M    Sunglasses- Forever 21