What’s in my bag- Winter Edition


Just wanted to show you guys my few essencials this winter. I don’t carry much with me, unless I’m going to university and then I take the whole house. I always need a pair of sunglasses with me, and my current favourites are those my boyfriend got me for my birthday, I take my calender and a pen with me because I never really remember everything it makes my life a lot easier. This beautiful and super comfortable Emanuel wallet is new and it’s just the right one for this winter, perfect color, good quality and classic shape. And of course I never forget my Blistex! It is a must in my bag unfortunatly for me, I always feel my lips are too dry.

Profil’s Bloggers Event









One of my favourite things in being a fashion blogger is doing fun things with brands and when it’s an Israeli brand it’s even better. I attended Profil‘s bloggers event last week and it was really exciting for me because only lately I’m starting to realize how much the work I’ve put into the blog in the past year is starting to pay off. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you can see I have very busy days now, going from school to events and back, I am so happy with the life I created for myself. Profil’s items are very unique but also so basic so you can totally wear them to work or school. I picked a simple black dress, maxi cardigan and studded sneakers.

בשבוע שעבר נכחתי באירוע הבלוגריות של פרופיל בקניון עזריאלי ומבחינתי האירוע סיכם שנה כייפית של עשייה והמון עבודה. הבלוג הוא התגשמות חלום בשבילי ואחד הדברים שאני הכי נהנית מהם בבלוג הוא לעשות שיתופי פעולה עם מותגים ולהגיע לאירועים. האירוע של פרופיל היה כיף אדיר ונדרשתי לבחור את הלוק שלי לשנה החדשה ולכן בחרתי קרדיגן גדול וארוך מעל שמלה שחורה וסניקרס. מקווה שתהנו, נשיקות

Party with Rockglam x Toni & Guy





Happy belated New Year my loves! I am so happy to open this new year with these amazing photoshoot I had with Rockglam and Toni & Guy. I am so in love with the results and I hope you like them too. If you don’t know these two companies you defenatly should! Rockglam is an awesome Israeli online shopping website and Toni & Guy have the most amazing hair products I got to try for myself in the past few weeks (I am addicted). My total look is by Rockglam and here are links to my outfit: